Camera control for round corner pouch bag making

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Design Purpose

Fully automatic PLC control and operation as a separate system, which can be used and upgraded with all types of bag making machines on the market

The high-speed German imported camera supporting servo motor is used to accurately align the "center position of the round corner hole mold" for single-cut round corner bag production.

Eliminate the waste of materials of "traditional double-cut waste edges" and the production problems of waste edges sticking to finished bags, reducing the work of personnel and removing waste edges.

The bag-making efficiency is increased by 1.8 times, and it is used for the realization of a fully intelligent production factory.

Core advantages

Camera precise positioning

Servo motor supporting cutter operation

Removal of scrap material waste

Reduce personnel operations

Can match the bag output speed of up to 200 knives/min

Can match one-out-one-out and one-out-many bag making modes

Adapt to both horizontal and vertical printing and typesetting methods

Address market pain points

Under the current production mode, each bag making machine is equipped with at least 1-2 bag sorting workers. The traditional manual removal of waste edges to sort the finished bags is slow and the production efficiency is low. The manual cannot complete the high-quality work 24 hours without interruption. Enterprise losses and losses caused by chemical operations

Technical configuration

Machine’s oversize: 1300*600*800mm (L*W*H)

Production mode: one out of one, one out of multiple columns

Maximum speed: 200 knives/min

Adapted materials: PET, PE, CPP, OPP, paper, aluminum foil, etc.

Fillet size: R8 or R10 mm

Outlet type: horizontal printing typesetting, vertical printing typesetting

Suitable for bag-making models: three-side sealing, self-supporting zipper machine, middle sealing machine or customized machine

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