Full-Automatic Bag Binding machine

Short Description:

Automatic control and operation design, can support all types of bag-making machines in the market. Automatic strapping, high speed, quick, convenient and efficient Completely replace the traditional offline manual finishing, tying finished product bags, reduce labor, reduce the production cost of enterprises. Improve the bag-making machine production speed nearly 2 times the efficiency, in order to realize the full intelligent production factory supporting

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Core advantages

Automatic finishing and tying of finished bags Up to 200 knives/min bag speed Can match one out one and one out more bag making mode Adapt to horizontal and vertical two types of printing typesetting

Address market pain points

Under the current production mode, each bag-making machine is equipped with at least 1-2 bag-sorting workers. In traditional manual packing of finished bags, the speed is relatively slow, the production efficiency is low, the binding position is not fixed and non-standard, some loose and tight are not uniform, and manual packing cannot be carried out continuously for 24 hours, resulting in loss and loss of the enterprise caused by emotional operation

Technical configuration

1.Equipment size: 1500*900*1500mm (L*W*H)
2.Equipment power: 200W
3.Production mode: 1 line or few lanes.
4.Top speed: 200 shots / min
5.Strapping supplies: paper tape, OPP film tape
6.Bag size: 80-490mm
7.Bag type: horizontal printing typesetting, vertical printing typesetting
8.Mechanical power: rated 600W
9.Suitable for bag-making model: three-side sealing, self-standing zipper
10.Bag handling quantity: <150 bundles

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