About Us


At KUNRUN- Captima machinery , we’ve never been satisfied with resting on our laurels. Quite the opposite, for over 30 years, we’ve strived with utmost meticulousness and immense experience to set ourselves apart. To do this, one needs the courage to follow new paths, the passion to push oneself to the limit, and the will to be better with each day. It is about being ready for life-long learning, to continually surpass oneself, committed to a tradition of excellence, where success stimulates the desire to better oneself time and time again, then as now.

A new R&D and production company hatched in 2018. It took 5 years to independently develop a series of fully automatic canning production lines for capsule products, supporting intelligent control systems to achieve integrated monitoring and canning. The entire operation line of sealing, measuring and packaging can be realized as EPR or MES management system data input and feedback storage.

After 3 years of market promotion and research and development, our company has launched a series of standards 2.4.6 and 8 cup, 12 cups and customized canning equipment line.


Our Advantages

Capsule packaging is suitable for high-end coffee beverages, teas, dairy products, medical aesthetics and medicine packaging. It replaces traditional plastic packaging. The ecological environment problems and resource waste caused by paper packaging. This equipment has certain prospects for food hygiene. It can protect the hygiene problems and quality problems caused by the traditional packaging process of food, and realize the regular fresh-keeping quantitative and individual customized product packaging, which is more suitable for the future market.

Company History

The parent company was established in 1991( originally as Shanghai Zhoufu Packaging Machinery Factory) to design, produce and manufacture flexible packaging bag making equipment. In 2008, KunRun Machinery (Shanghai)Co.,Ltd. Was established to realize the global trade supply chain of bag making equipment, And established a branch in 2018-Kunrun Packaging Technology(Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd. And purchased a plot in Haimen City, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province to build a new production base with a construction Match the growth demand of high-speed market.

Why Choose Us

With the goal of innovation and functional realization, the company continuously develops and innovates and strengthens learning management, introduces advanced technology and processing equipment, attracts top professionals in the industry, regards quality and service as the life of the enterprise, radiates the world based on the Chinese market, adheres to the business tenet of "innovation, intelligence and environmental protection", adheres to the service concept of "sincerity, care and peace of mind", and is committed to the research and development of green packaging machinery.

A high-tech production customized enterprise that integrates installation and bag-making equipment.