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Flow line features: 2 sets of equipment supporting the use of the bread packaging factory to achieve a fully intelligent production line, bread locking sticker fully automatic paste equipment, up to 70 bags per minute, double-out double bag design structure.

Since research and development in 2008, nearly 500 automatic flat-bottom bag making machines have been sold, occupying 60% of the global market. It is equipped with an intelligent control system. The machine speed can reach 150 knives, 260 bags can be produced per minute, and the yield rate is 97%, which is very human. The simplified design theory belongs to our company's patented product.


Model SKB700-BPZDN-MT Double Lanes Bread Pouch of Flat Bottom Bag Making Machine
Optional Model 700 800 Customization
Film Material CPP,PET,OPP,PAPER and all kinds of laminating films
Film Size Main film Max. Width:1200mm、Max. Diameter:φ800mm

Gusset film Max. Width:410mm,Max. Diameter:φ600mm

The film size is the same for standard three side seal bags.

Rewinding Form of Main Film Horizontal Film Axis Type • M-Plate Mode • Tension Control Magnetic Brake, Non-stop unwinding matching Automatic Joint Detection Function

AC Motor Driving System with inverter

Detection of printing color label by color label sensor

Rewinding Form of Gusset Film Horizontal Film Axis Type, Center Seal Forming mode, Tension Control Magnetic Brake, Non-stop unwinding matching Automatic Joint Detection Function

AC Motor Driving System with inverter

Detection of printing color label by color label sensor

Bag-making Function 2 lanes three side seal with zipper,2 lanes box pouch with zipper,2 lanes quad flat pouch with zipper
Bag-making speed 110shots/min Unwind line Speed: 30m/min
Bag-making Size Single: Bag length:200-640mm,Bag width:100-380mm,Gusset depth:35-100mm,Bottom depth:35-100mm

Double: Bag length:120-280mm,Bag width:70-300mm,Gusset depth:25-70mm,Bottom depth:25-70mm

Bad exclusion function At the beginning of operation, in order to prevent the incorporation of bad heat sealing bags, a film with arbitrary distance is set from the cutting knife to remove double feeding.
Electrical Matching Main servo motor:1set,5KW。

Traction servo motor:6set,1.5KW—4set,2KW—2set。

Gusset unwinding servo motor:2.0KW—1et,Gusset location:1.0KW—1set

Gusset cutter :0.75KW—1set, Gusset hotpress:1.5KW—1set

Double cutter:1.0KW,0.75KW—each 1set

Feeding AC motor :4set,0.4KW—2set,0.2KW—2set.

Feeding inverter:4set,0.75KW—2set,0.4KW—2set.

Electrical Matching Total Power:


Cooling Water:


Air Pressure:


Machine Dimensions L*W*H:22500*3000*2300mm (By the selected function to determine the final size)


Option function

Separate bottom unwind machine Main web with registration control function
Fully automatic coffee valve Fully automatic on-line die cutting
Fully automatic slider zipper Fully automatic pocket zipper
Twelve side seal carry handle on side gusset
New Model Automatic Detection Bag Strapping Machine

Machine parts diagram

Machine parts diagram1

It adopts the non-stop unwinding function of the upper and lower two pieces of main material, and the constant tension unwinding is controlled by the inverter. The double storage is up to 40 meters, without stopping the operation of the equipment, directly updating the new material roll to achieve a lossless constant production mode.
Also have the double unwind register feature and suitable for digital printing project.

The unwinding of the side gusset film ,the structure of constant tension and non-stop rewinding. The inverter controls the constant tension storage and unwinding, and the storage is up to 45 meters. The side gusset film positioning, cutting, fixed-point conveying and fixed-point hot pressing are all equipped with a separate servo motor supporting PLC. Position the photoelectric to achieve high-speed and precise fixed-point work, remove the deviation and high waste rate of artificial and old models.

Machine parts diagram2
Machine parts diagram3

The mechanical structure controls the full-automatic folding operation, realizing constant-speed and constant folding motion, and realizing the high-speed and stable production of 120 bags per minutes without deviation and no misalignment.

The camera controls the double cutter structure, the high-definition lens accurately locates the cutting point, and the cutter performs high-speed and stable cutting action to ensure that the bag-shaped radius is complete and beautiful, reaching the accuracy standard of the die-cutting machine. Working speed: 120 knives per minute .

Machine parts diagram4

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