Packing machine keeps up with social demand and actively participates in industry competition

With the reform of the world economic system, the production mode with labor productivity as the main mode can no longer meet the development needs and development of existing enterprises. Mechanized production has been accepted and used by many enterprises. The growing development of packaging industry also needs a large number of mechanical equipment to meet its production, which promotes the development of packaging machinery.

However, the development of domestic packaging machinery industry is uneven, and the supply of automatic and intelligent production equipment is in short supply. On the whole, the development of China's packaging machinery is relatively backward, and the industry development lacks certain standards.

Throughout the packaging machinery industry, we found that the overall technical level of domestic packaging machinery is insufficient, can not keep up with social demand, and can not manufacture leading equipment. In addition, there is no perfect development plan in the industry, and the government lacks the corresponding macro-control, which leads to the relatively backward development of domestic packaging machinery.

Looking at the advanced packaging machinery countries in the world, their packaging machinery manufacturing fully embodies the characteristics of network, green, precision, flexibility, intelligence and globalization; This development with a strong era characteristics, pay attention to the application of science and technology, let them continue to launch new leading packaging machinery.

Due to the fierce market competition, packaging machinery enterprises constantly adjust the industrial structure, improve the level of science and technology, research and development ability, and improve the speed of product upgrading. Competition will follow the survival of the fittest, so that we can abandon those bad enterprises and promote the healthy development of domestic packaging machinery industry.

Living in this era full of competition, if we want to not be eliminated by the society, we must work hard and forge ahead. Therefore, China's packaging machinery enterprises are actively participating in the competition, striving for future development and outstanding in the industry.

Post time: 14-07-21