Performance advantages of self-supporting bag packing machine

1. Convenient and fast operation process: PLC control, with touch display, industrial control touch screen, automatic control system, convenient and fast operation process.

2. Communication AC motor speed regulation: the equipment uses communication AC motor speed regulation machine equipment, which can adjust the speed at will within the specified scope.

3. Automatic retrieval function: if the bag is not moved or the opening of the bag is not detailed, the bag can be used again without adding materials or drying materials, without wasting raw materials and saving production cost for customers.

4. Safety device: when the tire pressure standard is abnormal or the heating tube has common problems, the alarm will be prompted.

5. Horizontal bag delivery mode: the bag storage device can store a lot of packaging bags, so it has low requirements for the quality of the bags, and has a high rate of bag separation and loading.

6. The motor control system is used to adjust the bag width. According to the control function key, the total width of each group of clips can be adjusted. The operation process is convenient and fast, and the time can be arranged scientifically.

7. In line with the product quality standards of the grain and oil processing and production industry, the parts of machinery and equipment that touch with raw materials or packaging bags are made of stainless steel plate or other raw materials that meet the requirements of food hygiene and safety, so as to ensure the cleanliness and safety coefficient of the food industry.

8. The scheme is designed to track the proportion of weighing feedback, which solves the problem that the net weight of packaging changes due to the change of the proportion of raw materials. The key links of mechanical equipment are as follows:

Suitable for packaging bag sub type:

The sub types of packaging bags include self-supporting bags (with or without lock), graphic design bag (three side seal, four side seal, hand bag, zipper bag), paper bag and other composite packaging bags.

Main Uses

According to the choice of different meters, we can use liquid, sauce, fine particles, powder, irregular small pieces and other raw materials for packaging, and use the packaging bags with good prefabricated components. For two-layer composite packaging bags, silica, aluminum platinum, single and double-sided PE, PP and other raw materials, we can use the prefabricated component bags and paper bags. The self-supporting bag packing machine can be adjusted on the spot.

Post time: 14-07-21