Automatic Laser cutter online of bag making machine

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Design Purpose

The laser cutting machine device is a separately controlled device, which can be used and upgraded with all types of bag making machines on the market

The high-speed German imported laser head is used to accurately align the top, bottom, left and right cutting requirements.

Core advantages

Precise positioning of laser head

Can match the bag output speed of up to 200 knives/min

Can match one-out one and one-out two bag making modes

Adapt to both horizontal and vertical printing and typesetting methods

Linear laser cutting

Cutting depth can be adjusted manually

The cutting position can be manually controlled and adjusted

Address market pain points

In the current production mode, laser cutting is generally installed on the slitting machine or inspection machine. After completion, the raw materials are placed on the bag making machine for bag making. This production mode is not conducive to controlling the cutting position of the upper and lower sheets. , Cannot be controlled in the same straight line, such packaging bags cannot be torn completely, resulting in damage to the finished bag, affecting the quality of the product and the usability of the customer

Technical configuration

Equipment size: 1300*900*1000mm (L*W*H)

Production mode: One out of one, one out of two

Maximum speed: 100 knives/min

Adapted materials: PET, PE, CPP, OPP, aluminum foil, etc.

Outlet type: horizontal printing typesetting, vertical printing typesetting

Suitable for bag-making models: three-side sealing, self-supporting zipper machine, middle sealing machine or customized machine

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