Small Automatic Capsule Filling Machine CFM-6 Milk 6lanes Output One K-CUP

Short Description:

Technical Features

Speed: up to 210 capsules/min


Possibility of integrated vertical flow-wrappers

Sliding-out dosing unit for cleaning and maintenance

Servo-driver machine

Quality control system

Special projects

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Features

1. Automatic rejection of defective products
2. Nitrogen filling and fresh-keeping function (residual oxygen content ≤0.8%)
3. Full servo filling system
4. Full-line non-stop feeding

5. Fixed number production function
6. Closed-loop weighing control system
7. Food contact Partially uses food grade 304

Product Picture


Sample Bag Picture

CFM-4 (2)

Product Packaging Scope

application (2)

Machine Configuration

Product number CFM-6
Applicable cup type K-CUP (can be customized)
Sealing material Pre-cut aluminum foil film
Control System PLC+bus communication
Total power 220V/50Hz (voltage can be customized)
Gas demand 0.7Mpa
Overall line efficiency 160 p/m  (40p/l/p)
Filling accuracy 15g±0.15g (powder)
Filling method Servo custom screw
Applicable raw material characteristics Powder granule liquid

Machine Parts Diagram

1. Drop Cups Structure

Alternative 1:

Straight drop cup through the straight feed pipe, (estimated 300-400 cups) the working time is only 15 minutes, low material level automatic alarm through the buzzer call, manual feed.


Alternative 2:

Our products are horizontal conveying cup body structure, using type 0 belt conveying by unloading motor control, machine speed can be synchronized with the canned line speed, storage structure adopts warehouse structure, the maximum saving of manual feeding cycle and time, and can achieve a single feeding time control in 1.5 hours, very fast


Alternative 3:

Centrifugal disc structure, rotating conveying synchronous canned line speed, storage structure adopts bin body, the maximum saving of manual feeding cycle and time, can realize every 3 hours to control the feeding time, suitable for "automatic production line demand".

Fill the structure

Ensure sanitation, full servo screw filling system

Filling system adopts full servo drive control, only need to manually set the filling amount, without complex setting can achieve a key parameter adjustment. Under the action of servo mechanism, precise control of each filling amount, improve the product pass rate ≥98%. Professional design team based on years of accumulation of a large number of raw material particle size experimental parameters and data, according to the customer's material characteristics, to provide the most reasonable screw parameters.

After putting the capsule into the machine module board, there is a photoelectric sensor to detect the capsule. No capsule, no filling, no tamping or unsealed.

Filling system with servo screw conveyor

Tamp the powder to make the powder surface smooth, and clean the top edge of the capsule for better sealing.

Optional uv sterilization lamp and anti-static device, clean filling, filling precision is higher.




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