Holiday Blend CFM-4 Starbucks K-CUP Ground Coffee Powder Capsule Filling Machine

Short Description:

Coffee Packaging Solutions

Speed 4 lanes: 160 capsules/min

Special features:

Excellent production efficiency

Minimal maintenance requirement

Dedicated feeding system

Extremely precise dosing to assure correct produce weight

Possible tailor-made solutions according to capsule configuration

Product Detail

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Product Features

1. Automatic rejection of defective products
2. Nitrogen filling and fresh-keeping function (residual oxygen content ≤0.8%)
3. Full servo filling system
4. Full-line non-stop feeding

5. Fixed number production function
6. Closed-loop weighing control system
7. Food contact Partially uses food grade 304

Product Picture

CFM-4 (1)

Sample Bag Picture

CFM-4 (2)
CFM-4 (3)

Product Packaging Scope

application (2)

Machine Configuration

Product number CFM-4
Applicable cup type K-CUP (can be customized)
Sealing material Online aluminum foil film
Filter paper material PP fiber + wood pulp
Control System PLC+bus communication
Total power 220V/50Hz (voltage can be customized)
Gas demand 0.7Mpa
Overall line efficiency 160 p/m  (40p/l/p)
Filling accuracy 15g±0.15g (powder)
Filling method Servo custom screw
Applicable raw material characteristics Powder granule liquid

Machine Parts Diagram

Weighing structure

Realizing automatic production management optimization: closed-loop weighing control system

The mechanical structure is connected by servo motor, and the weighing method is rotating up and down. The weighing precision is 0.002g, and the speed matches the canning line.
After real-time online weighing, each filling volume is adjusted by closed-loop control inside the weighing system to ensure that materials with different characteristics (humidity, viscosity, volume density) can also be filled with high accuracy. Each filling result can be recorded in the system. Data can be stored separately or connected to factory MES systems

Reject defective products

Improve production quality: canned products are determined by the second weighing, and defective products are rejected mechanically by chain plate structure.


Reject defective products


Swing the output arm

Swing the output arm

Swing arm to remove the capsule, then return to packaging. Maximize labor cost savings



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